T-BioInfo Research License

LBRN researchers can gain access to the T-BioInfo research platform with 5 TB of storage and 3 hours of support with one of our specialists. First 3 months are required to get an account and then, $150/month will be charged automatically until the license is cancelled.


Educational License

T-BioInfo Educational license allows users to work with public domain data and perform standard analysis with no storage space for data. $75/month

RNA-Seq data analysis

Read alignment/Expression Estimation/Differential Gene Expression

$480 (2 hours-interval)

NGS ChIP-Seq data analysis

Read alignment/Peak Calling

$480 (2 hours-interval)

NGS data analysis

Quality Control/Alignment

$480 (2 hours-interval)

Other data analysis

SNP and small lndel finding

$480 (2 hours-interval)


$480 (2 hours-interval)

Advanced consulting for RNA- Seq data

$45 (hourly)

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