Biotechnology, Molecular Medicine and BIOINFORMATICS IN LOUISIANA

This program is a collaboration between LBRN, BioMMED (Division of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine) and Pine Biotech offering Bioinformatics Education, Training and Support Programs to colleges and institutions throughout Louisiana. The goal of these activities is to support and expand the statewide infrastructure and intellectual research network facilitating interdisciplinary bioinformatics research, linking biotechnology, molecular medicine and bioinformatics.

BioMMED is the Division of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in Baton Rouge, LA. They are engaged in innovative research to determine the molecular basis of various diseases, as well as to develop novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. BioMMED is a multidisciplinary research, support and development unit that provides centralized access to state-of-the-art equipment and advanced training in molecular and cell biology. In addition, BioMMED oversees two NIH:NCRR funded research cores: The COBRE-funded Molecular ImmunoPathology Core and INBRE-funded The Molecular and Cell Biology Core. The functions of these core laboratories are integrated within BioMMED and the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine facilities and consist of state-of-the-art equipment and support services that are jointly staffed by BioMMED and TNPRC faculty and personnel.

Program Vision and Leadership

BioMMED is comprised of 4 service oriented centralized core laboratories: Gene Probes and Expression Systems Laboratory (GeneLab), Whole Animal In vivo Imaging Laboratory (WAIL), Viral Vector Laboratory (VVL), and the Protein and Antibody Production and Purification Laboratory (PAPPL).


Dr. Seung-Jong Park

Associate Director of BBC Core
Ronald Horswell

Dr. Ronald Horswell

Associate Director of LBRN BBC

Dr. Nayong Kim

Assistant Director of BBC Core

Dr. Michal Brylinski

Associate Director of BBC Core

Dr. Lyndon Coghill

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Urska Cvek

Associate Director of LBRN BBC
chris Taylor

Dr. Chris Taylor

BBC Core Director

Dr. Konstantin “Gus” Kousoulas

Director - Division of Biotechnology & Molecular Medicine

Dr. Ramesh Subramanian

LBRN Program Coordinator

Thaya Stoufflet

GeneLab Core Manager

Dr. Vladimir Chouljenko

Associate Director of MCBR

As a result of a collaboration between BioMMED, LBRN and Pine Biotech, this program is designed to offer a variety of training programs and resources for the undergraduate and graduate students as well as middle and high school students in the state of Louisiana.

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